Recording drums at Berklee
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Johnathan Jena
Professional drummer, instructor and composer, I have been playing for over 13 years and currently perform with Lowell-based rock band Waking Gray and as a solo artist in the Greater Boston area.

What I Play

"Learn about the gear I play and the products I'm passionate about."

  1. Drum set under stage lights
  2. Behind view of my drum set
  3. A frontal view of my drum set
  4. Close-up of the Red Diamond Burst finish.
  5. My Yamaha DTX-500 electronic kit.
  6. My LP Bongos and Congas.
  7. My Roland Fantom G8 workstation
  8. My Lowrey Stardust Organ which I am learning.
Pearl Masterworks Drum Set:
Sizes & Specs: (wood construction same as Reference Series)

Toms: 8x7*, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14*, 16x16   *not pictured in the gallery
Snare: 20 ply 13x6.5
Bass: 22x18

Zildjian 13" A Custom Mastersound Hi-hats
Zildjian 18" A Custom Projection Crash
Zildjian 20" K China
Zildjian 13" Oriental China Trash
Sabian 16" AA Crash
Sabian 22" Paragon Ride
(not pictured): Zildjian 6" Zil-Bel, Zildjian 14" Stack


I also play Vic Firth drumsticks and use Evans drumheads. Currently, my go-to sticks are the Vic Firth 5A Extreme Vic-Grip model as well as the 5A American Classic Barrel Tip model.  As far as drum heads, my current set up consists of coated clear EC2's on the toms, a Hybrid Coated on the snare, and an EMAD 2 on the bass drum. As far as hardware, I have all Pearl hardware and play Pearl Demon Drive double bass drum pedals and a Roland SPD30 Octapad for samples.  I also have many accessory percussion instruments, such as Treeworks Windchimes, LP Congas and Bongos, a Remo Djembe and much more.